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username:            artfarm


WordPress Dashboard



To add a product, create POST



Image sizes

For your reference, listed here are all of the image sizes that your images get cropped to when using this theme. (in pixels)


Slider Full Width – 940×350 (hard crop)

Slider Staged Left/Right – 530×312 (hard crop)

1/5 Column of Grid – 200×125 (hard crop)

1/4 Column of Grid – 240×150 (hard crop)

1/3 Column of Grid – 320×200 (hard crop)

1/2 Column of Grid – 472×295 (hard crop)

Small Thumbnail of List – 195×195 (soft crop)

Small Square – 130×130 (hard crop)

Smaller Square – 70×70 (hard crop)

Smallest Square – 45×45 (hard crop)





Links to Tutorials





Video #1: Introduction

Video #2: Add New Layout

Video #3: Configure Layout Elements

Video #4: Apply the Layout

Video #5: Apply Layout as Homepage

Video #6: Fine Tune the Layout

Video #7: Sample Layouts









Sliders – basic


Sliders – image



Sliders – Video Slides


Slider Settings


Font Control



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